The Story Of How I Came To Be

No, no this isn’t the story of how I came to be(* i apologize for the false advertising), What it really is, is a story of how this blog came to be!

Well, it all started on cold winter night, rain pounding agai-……wait wait this isn’t right either…..hmmm…Ok here is how it REALLY went down.

Have you ever had a compulsive fear that you knew was way to absurd to be true but yet you feared it anyway? Well for me, that fear is that one day i might lose my memory and have no recollection of my most loved ones or most treasured moments and thus i have this compulsion to write everything that I think that i might want to remember. Thus i thought that this blog would be a good idea because until now i kept journals but hey it’s better to have witnesses…errr… i mean audiences right?

haha just kidding! I do fear i’ll lose my memory and that having this blog will be such a kick-ass way to remember things but for me, things always feel better when i share them….So here i am opening up to you guys my readers!

My dear friend helped me create this blog by inspiring me with it’s title and header! At the time i was telling her about this terrible nose itch i had and her being the science nerd that she is told me about stimulus(itch) and response(scratch) and consequence(itch gone!), later after the itch had disappeared i asked her what i should name my blog and she said “The Itch”, she was joking of course but for whatever reason i felt inspired by her words and (*french accent*)  voila’ A BLOG IS BORN! muhaha

Sometimes when you’re going about your daily life you get an itch! something that bothers you. So what do you do to an itch? you scratch until it stops! That’s all about stimulus, response and consequence!  You’ll understand if you’re deep!

The Itch(*stimulus*)———->The scratching(*response*)————>The Result(*consequence*)

THAT’S LIFE! …think about it…


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